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If you need any advice or have questions that are not answered on our website, please contact the relevant team for your application.

For School Place Enquiries

Reception/Foundation Admissions (starting in Reception or Foundation of an infant or primary school)

Junior Admissions (transferring at the end of year 2 in an infant or primary school to start in year 3 of a junior school)

Email: Reception/Foundation

Email: Junior

Tel: 01752 307166

Secondary admissions (transferring at the end of year 6 in a primary school to start in year 7 of a secondary school)

Key Stage 4 admissions (KS4) (transferring at either the end of year 8 of a secondary school to start year 9 at a University Technical College (UTC) or Studio School).

Email: Secondary and Key Stage 4 Admissions

Tel: 01752 307469

In-year admissions (transferring to an infant, junior, primary, secondary or KS4 school at any point other than at the normal points of transfer above)

Email: In-Year Admissions

Tel: 01752 307170 or 01752 307110 (primary in-year)

Tel: 01752 307467 (secondary in-year)

Contact Address

Write to us or visit us at School Admissions Team, Education, Participation and Skills, Plymouth City Council, Windsor House, Tavistock Road, Plymouth, PL6 5UF

For Me2 Enquiries

Tel: 01752 307450